Friday, 30 September 2011

My First Blog

Greetings all and welcome to my first blog.

The heat wave continues and I've been getting baked whilst out bird watching.

Yesterday I visited the East Finchley Cemetery on East End Road (a regular spot for wildlife watching) at around 2pm and had something happen that's never happened before...I was bombarded by a cheecky squirrel.

For a good 10 minutes it followed me from tree to tree dropping acorns on me, it even followed me into an Irish Yew and brought acorn ammunition with it to hit me with....Finally I got the message and went to a side of the path which is short on trees and it finally went away....I looked online for any other cases like this, but all I found was this funny picture.

But being side tracked had it's advantages as I was then buzzed by the most beautiful Red Admiral Butterfly which flapped around me a few times before flapping off to parts unknown.
I saw the usual suspects:

10 Crows (although I heard many many more)

5 Magpies (again many more were vocal)

I heard the Greater Spotted Woodpecker and turned just in time to see it flying off in the wrong direction for me to get the up close view I normally get.

Wood pigeons galore and today they seemed to take great pleasure in bursting from trees and bushes just as I passed them, scaring the heck out of me...this happened allot.

A beautiful flock of tits flew by and after 10 minutes of searching I found them in the trees at the very rear of the cemetery and I discovered it was made up of both Blue Tits (around 5) and Long-Tailed Tits (around 10-15), but they didn't stay long and soon zipped off over the wall where I couldn't follow.

I heard a small flock of Parakeets flying over and just caught a glimpse of around 5 of them but the sun was in my eyes, but it was still nice to hear them.

On the way out I saw 2 Jays burying acorns near the main gates (what beautiful birds) and then another one fly over head.

I was only out for a short while due to the heat, but it was nice and I enjoyed every minute.

Well That's it....I hope you guys enjoy this as much as i did writing it...if not at least I have an extra record of the day.

Be Happy


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