Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bramble Success

What a great few days at Long Lane Pasture in Finchley.

Friday and Saturday were once again filled with the stabs and pricks of bramble clearing and I’m happy to announce that apart from a tiny bit of selective thinning we have cleared the south eastern bank of bramble (WOOOHOOO!!!) ready for some tree planting to supplement the wonderful collection of younglings which include service trees and wild pears.

Saturday was more of a family day and we all took part including the little-ones who excelled in helping to clear some excess reeds from around the main pond with gusto followed by one of the most important jobs on a small pastures like Long Lane pastures…. helping to clear away the various pieces of litter the careless and the hopeless have decided to leave behind rather than popping into one of the many bins we have in the local area, but at least it adds to the recycling.

Whilst there he had many visitors including a lovely bunch of Starlings, 2 of the noisiest Robins I’ve ever heard, around 6 Blue Tits and a flood of Goldfinches singing and flying overhead.

Later in the afternoon whilst we were checking the boundaries we came across a newt that hasn’t yet gone into hibernation and it was a beautiful and wriggly creature, I can’t emphasize how important it is for the young to get down and dirty and experience wildlife and nature up-close and personally…if you want a future with people that care about nature and wildlife this is what it will take to both inspire and motivate them to grow and be the next wave of eco warriors and environmentalist.

It’s been a great few days.

Be Happy,

Richard ‘RAGS’ Askew

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