Saturday, 1 October 2011

Long Lane Pastures

Greetings all,
         what a wonderful day...Again!!! who can believe it....sunshine all day.

Anyway on with the blog, today was a productive day, I got to spend the morning helping my eldest son with his Saturday volunteering at Long Lane Pastures a true place of peace and natural beauty in the middle of Finchley.

Today we proudly sweated away whilst clearing bramble from around some young trees to help them along in their journey to gianthood.

It is always wonderful to get involved with local trusts and projects devoted to giving nature and wildlife a sanctuary in a time of cement and flat building and it is a great opportunity to help shad a few of the extra pounds I’ve been so good at collecting over the last few years and to prove that I CAN still be active even if I am some what limited.

We also had the pleasure of a cheeky Jay who keep flying over head calling at the top of its song just to let us know who really was in charge…LOL...and a Robin popped along to examine our work and steal the odd quick meal of a worm or two...and we found many a Newt looking for a comfy spot to hibernate was a glorious day all round.

Other visitors included a small flock of Gold Finches, around 20 Starlings and the resident female Mallard…I’m sure there was much much more, but I was focused with the task at hand and somewhat distracted by the many piercings and stabs I endured…lol

So if anyone else in Finchley is interested please visit the website for info and come along…volunteering begins every Saturday at 10am and there is loads for the kiddies to see…my youngest loved the newts and there are even beehives to visit and some lovely ponds. 

Well that’s all for today so Be Happy,


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