Friday, 7 October 2011

Magic Moments

I was sitting at home thinking about updating my blog and wondering what I should include…The walk to school with the children that gave threw up a Robin, Blackbird, Squirrel, 3 Crows, a flock of Parakeets and then the Sparrow Hawk  circled over head…that was a great start to the day.

But then some thing happened that threw me for a wobble; I was sitting in the garden doing a spot of bee and bird watching and had so far had a good day being buzzed by Starlings and Goldfinches and I had even seen the Sparrow Hawk at a distance and the garden was just Buzzing with Bees. I had just began to note the  ‘Brown Banded Carder Bee’ when something flapped past my face and landed on my leg and for a moment I was stunned!!.

I reached into my pocket for my camera and snapped this quick picture (which is why it’s blurry and I also forgot to switch the Macro on) of a Red Admiral just perched there on my right thigh.

I have never seen one this close before, I could see every hair on its body and it was posed with its chest puffed out looking very proud and noble.

This is one of those rare moments of wonder which drew me to watching nature in the first place.

I called my eldest son out to see and he tried to get a better shot, but alas as always it flew of before we could.

 The butterfly only stayed for seconds and the photo is blurry the memory will be with me much longer and the experience will be most treasured.

Be Happy

Richard ‘RAGS’ Askew

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